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Not all rescues are created equal! Regardless of the size or type of organization, all the animals in their care should be well cared for. A small budget is no excuse for unsanitary or overcrowded living conditions. Make sure you support an organization that provides the best possible care within their means.

It is common for most private rescues to carefully screen applicants in order to ensure their animals go to responsible homes. If you are not approved, carefully consider the organization’s concerns. A responsible rescue will educate all adopters on finding the right match.

The following organizations are provided for your convenience only. Paws and Learn does not guarantee the quality of care they provide their animals nor their professionalism. However, we welcome being updated on any noteworthy experiences with these groups. If you are looking for additional options, go to

Friends of Parrots Group - 310-459-0166 (for rescue, adoption, and information)
Parrots First - 866-248-7670 x5937; (adoption and rescue in LA)
Parrot Information Hotline - 818-613-4003 (information only)
South Bay Bird Society - 310-376-5954; (education & rescue referrals)

Guinea Pigs:
Orange County Cavy Haven – 714-242-7548; (have foster homes in LA)
Guinea Pig Rescue – 310-392-5588

Pot Belly Pigs:
San Angeles Pot Belly Pig Association - 818-899-8465
L.A. Pot Belly Pig Rescue - 818-701-1534;
Pigs Without Partners – 310-836-8237

Bunny Bunch - 909-591-7200 (they also have guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and chinchillas)
Bunny Luv Rabbit Rescue - 818-988-4488;
Rabbit & Pocket Pet Adoptions – 818-709-0055
Rabbit Rescue - 562-862-8844; (also have guinea pigs)
Second Chance For Rabbits - 562-807-0071

Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network - 310-815-1318;
Reptile Rapsody Reptile Rescue – 562-984-9261;
Reptile Iguana Rescue – 310-513-6456
Slither Mission – 805-499-1410 (pythons and boas)

American Tortoise Rescue - 800-938-3553;
California Turtle and Tortoise Club – 626-836-0399; (for list of local chapters)